Uses of Loose Incense

People always ask me "what do I do with this?" This statement is usually referring to the small bottle of loose incense tied in my sets. Now, if you don't know what loose incense is it's a blend of herbs and resins that can be smouldered on a charcoal disc.



I always explain that there are many ways to use this herbal blend, but I figured I would take some pictures and show a few simple ideas on how to use a loose incense aside from the obvious burning it.

1. Candle Spells: Grind down the herbs to a size you are comfortable with, pick an appropriate colored candle and roll it in the herbs. Beeswax is great for this as it is slightly sticky and the herbs will stick without the aid of oils.


2. Bottle Spells: Fill a small bottle with the herbs. Feel free to add runes, stones, a piece of parchment with your intention on it , honey, anything you would like. you can feed a jar spell by lighting charged candles and burning them on top of the jar, or you can bury the jar and allow the earth to keep your spell safe and charged.


3. Spell Bags: This is the same concept as a spell bottle just don't burn candles on it. Fill a small bag with the herbs and anything else you would like and either put it under your pillow, carry it with you or hide it where it will be most useful.


4. Box Spells: Again same concept as the two above but you can keep adding to the box if you feel the need, pictures stones extra herbs what ever you wish plus, decorative boxes can be placed in plain sight and no one will be the wiser.


5. Locket Spells: Fill a locket with a small amount of herbs and your intent even a stone if one will fit. This kind of spell is great for protection, love and success.


There are so many ways to use a loose incense blend its not always about burning it. but if you like fire magic and candle spells aren't always convenient sprinkle the incense into a small envelope with your intentions written on some paper and burn it in a fire safe container. Not much of a fire bug? that's ok speak your intention into the herbs and cast them to the wind to carry your intentions to the universe. Water magic more your thing that's ok boil some water and make a hand wash or a tub tea (do not drink!!! just dump the tea over your head in the bath make sure it has cooled down). The possibilities are endless think outside the box and have fun with magick.




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  • Jenna , I have loved each and every purchase and know the intention you put into each item.

    I am definitely going to do a video highlighting your amazing products I have purchased thus far. You are truly an amazing soul and sister in the craft and I can only hope others on their journey will consider you a wonderful plethora of magical items to collect and use in their practice.

    Blessed Be ???

    LIsa aka Positive Lady

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