Sun Magick: Phases

In the dark blanket of the night the silver moon shines in the sky. We work our magick during the witching hour, under the cover of shadows, shrouded in mystery. The moon has always been a huge influence in our magick from what spells we preform to how we preform them. We talk about the visual beauty, energy, ebb and flow, effects it has on us, but something I find that is not as prominent a subject in magick is the sun. The sun I have come to learn, is an amazing and powerful energy so why don't we utilize this energy? Is it because we can't admire it's beauty as we do the moon?  Is it perhaps the fact that there is no mystery with the sun, no place to hide? Maybe we are so busy with our mundane world that we disregard it as a source of energy for our magickal workings. I have learned that the sun has its own phases just like the moon, the only difference is the sun goes through it's phases in a single day..... that's right, one day, and we can use these phases just like we do the moon phases. Let's take a look at the phases of the sun to get a better idea of what I am talking about.


First we have the Infant sun, the sky is turning shades of purple and pink and a hint of light begins to show itself on the horizon. You are most likely just about to open your eyes and start your day. This is the time of day we can use to preform magick pertaining to fresh starts, new beginnings and change.


Next is the Morning or Adolescent Sun, the sun is now visible in the sky you have your morning coffee and most of us are getting ready for a day of work. This is an excellent time to do some abundance and prosperity magick. This is also a great time to work and build upon the positive aspects of life.


Moving on to the Noon or Father Sun, The sun is at it's mid point in the sky everything is a buzz, everyone is moving, the energy is high. You are likely running off to grab a bite to eat before heading back to the grind. This phase of the sun can add a boost of strength to any spell, it's a high energy time of day.


The Afternoon, Sage or Warrior Sun, we see that the sun is beginning to decend hanging lower in the sky but still bright and present. You are heading home, the day of work still fresh in your mind. This time of day is excellent for clarity and resolution, perfect for professional matters that require a strategic approach.


Lastly we have Sunset, Grandfather or Sacrificial Sun, at this time the sun begins to dip back behind the horizon the sky gets darker and the beautiful pink and purple colors spread across the sky again. You are winding down for the evening the stresses and daily activities melting away, your mind and body relax. This is the time of day to preform any banishing or releasing, a time to let go.


As you can see these sun phases are as useful and powerful as the phases of the moon. The sun affects our day in many ways, you can see above how most of our days generally look and how at certain times the energy of this phase is very present. Whether you are witching by night or by day, allow every moment to inspire you to create magick.


Referances: Everyday Sun Magick, Dorothy Morrison


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