3 Simple Rituals For Ostara

March is here, and I have been busy organizing sorting and cleaning house. As a single mom and business owner it can be difficult to find time to observe the Sabbats as elaborately as I would like. I love finding complex rituals and simplifying them to their most basic elements, but even that takes some time. I have found 3 very simple rituals for Ostara that not only take just a small amount of time to preform but can also be used in your mundane life as well. I will include the books and sources where I found these rituals.


Simple Cleansing Ritual

What you will need: 1 large Pot, snow (optional Witches Water, sold on my online shop)

Spring cleaning is never a very fun activity, but we can still make it magickal. This is a very simple and short ritual you can preform to help you cleanse and renew your home. Using a combination of a snow melting ritual I found online a few years ago and my own desire to find a use for it so I came up with this.

I live in Canada and at this time we usually still have snow, if you live in a place where there is no snow, you can use rain. I collect quite a bit of snow in a large pot and place this pot in front of my altar, while it melts, I begin imbuing it with my intent.  I place my hands over the pot and give it the power to protect, bring prosperity, harmony and love in abundance, in between “adding in” each intent I splash in some of my witch’s water which has cleansing and protective qualities. Once I feel it is finished, I leave the pot in front of my altar until the snow melts. If you have children or animals, you may want to move it. My children are all school age, but I still place a lid over the pot to prevent accidental spilling. Placing this on the stove top is also an excellent choice as it represents the hearth or heart of the home.

You can store the water in a large jar or jars depending on how much you’ve made. Use this water to add to your cleaning regime by adding it to the mop bucket, use it to clean walls and floors or add it to your usual cleaners for a touch of magick.



Ostara Bird Feeder

 What you will need: Toilet paper rolls, nut butter, birdseed

This is a great little ritual to do if your children would like to be involved. I adapted this one when I read it in the Supermarket Sabbats book by Michael Furie. This book gives you a recipe to make your own mix of what I call bird seed dough to make lovely ornaments, but I simplified it a lot to make it a simple fun crafty ritual to do with my kids. These ornaments not only feed our feathered friends but also bring luck, abundance and protection through offerings.

The first thing I do for this craft is charge my items with my intent. My items in this case are store bought birdseed or the recipe from the book mentioned above if I have the time, and a nut butter, be it peanut or sunflower or whatever you use, as long as it is safe for birds to consume.

Next, I get paper towel or toilet paper rolls, but you could use paper plates as well.  Poke holes in the paper roll so you can put a string through the roll. Spread the charged nut butter on the roll while thinking of your intent and roll that in your birdseed until it is covered. Yes, it really is that simple.

When I hang these feeders, I make sure to give gratitude for that that the earth provides us and bid welcome to Spring and warmer days.



Blessed Bouquet

What you will need: Bouquet of fresh flowers (optional sunstones, Sun Magick Oil sold in my online shop)

This ritual is one From Tess Whitehurst’s website and it is probably the single most simple ritual of all. I used this ritual last year while me and my children were going through some very tough changes in our lives. I did add a few things of my own, but in its simplest form it is a beautiful little ritual that takes no time at all.

Go out to your favorite florist or even to a grocery store and pick yourself up a nice bouquet of flowers. Hold those flowers in the sunlight. You can call on the Goddess Ostara or you could ask the universe to bless your bouquet with balance, playfulness, love and new beginnings. Then you can place the bouquet on your Altar or somewhere in your home where they can work their magick. I added a ring of sun stones and anointed my vase with my Sun Magick oil.

 If you are like I once was and find yourself skipping Sabbats because time is not on your side, I hope these simple rituals inspire you to take just a moment to celebrate the coming of Spring and the renewal and rebirth it brings. Blessed Ostara to you!

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  • Thank you for sharing these rituals. There is thoughtfulness in your words.


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