Simple Beltane Ritual

With Beltane upon us I felt it would be great to share with you some of my personal path and ritual for this Sabbat. Beltane is a Celtic festival celebrated on May Day, it’s a day to honor life and was originally a fire festival of cleansing, protection, abundance and growth. It is also known to be a celebration that includes uninhibited fun and frolic.  Personally, I use this Sabbat to protect everything I value in my life and welcome abundance for the year.

You might notice a bit of a pattern in how I work my own path, consider the previous Sabbat of Ostara, I have cleansed my home in ritual fashion and made offerings to the universe and nature. I made those offerings as I knew that by Beltane I would be asking for a large universal blessing of protection.  This is a huge energetic undertaking on both my part and as I see it and the universe as well.  This time I will make another offering to the universe in thanks, this offering will be of food and drink as this Sabbat is also a celebration of life and a time of merriment.

For Beltane I will spend different parts of my day getting ready, I will go out and get some beautiful colorful flowers, roll some candles for the occasion and pick upBeltane Flowers some wine.  Dinner for my family will be created with the intention to bring abundance and growth. I traditionally make a pork dish. I will lean more towards baked ham (or porkchops if I’ve had a busy day) I will also make a salad and roast some potatoes. When it comes to the wine, I will usually infuse one with berries and herbs, if I don’t have the time (or in typical fashion run out of time) I’ll just leave it alone. I adorn my kitchen table with the colorful flowers, red candles and bringing back the intent of abundance and growth I will light the candles for dinner. I save a small portion of each dish as well as a small portion of wine to give as an offering later in ritual.

The ritual I am going to present to you is my own it is not exact as I believe the basic ritual is something that can be built upon to make your own. 


Fire Ritual

 You will Need: fire pot, candle or electric candles if you are not able to use actual fire.

This can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it.  This is what I would call my larger ritual, I like to save this ritual for the evening because I use the food and drink, I had prepared for dinner as the offering. Depending on what you are using, you can do this ritual inside or outside. I use a fire pot or candle, but if my children decide to partake, I will use electric candles for safety reasons.

Place your fire pot on the ground and kneel or sit comfortably in front of it. Take some deep breaths and center yourself. Call to whatever beings you are comfortable working with for me it’s Dragons.  This is roughly what I say:

I call upon the universe and the Dragon Energy of Earth to aid me in this ritual ofSimple Beltane Ritual protection. I ask that the walls I have built and earth on which all I value and hold dear to stand strong against any negativity or attack that may be sent conscious or unconsciously. I ask that the energy be absorbed and sent to the earth and neutralized. I ask that where ever my family may travel and whenever we are separated that we are individually safe and that no harm comes to those that hold a piece of my heart with them. Bless me and those I love in your protection and so I speak it, it shall be.  (I say this 3 times)

Take a few moments and when it feels right, light the fire.

At this point I like to do a fire safe twist on jumping the fire, I will spin around the fire at a safe distance three times. Feel free to improvise with whatever you are comfortable with. I then sit and thank the universe and Dragon for being there to help with my ritual and offer them a portion of the dinner and wine I shared with my family earlier.


I love this ritual it doesn’t take up much time, can be done alone or with as many people as you like and sets up a powerful protection from the universe. I do hope this has inspired you to create a simple ritual like this for your own Beltane celebration.

Many Blessings,


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